Finding Light in the Darkness

“In dark times, bright people are clearly visible” (Erich Maria Remarque)

Two years of Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Two years of Ukrainians defending their country from Russian aggression. Two years of light fighting against darkness.

The struggle of light against darkness

in the works of Ukrainian artists

The paintings reflect indescribable pain, sorrow, and fear, but at the same time, faith, love, and hope to find light in the darkness that never disappears. Each piece reflects a unique experience that has grown from living through the darkest times and deepest emotions. the artists’ works represent personal experiences and feelings, conveying the resilience and strength of the Ukrainian people, their heroism, and resistance.

The exhibition consists of three parts:

«War diary, another day of war…» paintings by the renowned Ukrainian artist Yulia Tveritina

«Twilight of Azovstal and the light of hope» illustrations by Katerina Prokopenko

«Black and white» graphic works by the famous Ukrainian graphic artist Oleksiy Chebikin.