Sukhonthip Pimparian


If there's no longer bees in this world.... The air Quality and prosperity from such small organism such as bee, which foresee the environmental problems. This series of works will make you be aware of the natural effects that occur today.

Salahwarin Jaijuntuck


Salahwarin Jaijuntuck is a Lanna artist whose art reflects the journey of her life as it unfolds over time. Over 15 years of persuing artistic brilliance, Salahwarin's current style is of contemporary fantasy. The art in this series is about questioning the use of human rights on animals that have their own rights as well.

Supamas Taveechotipart


surrealism and fantasy base artist In the early years, I got inspiration from Disney cartoons because when I was very young, I used to read and watch them everyday. When I started my undergraduate study, I tried to mix cartoons, fantasy and a bit of Surrealism art.

Supmanee Chaisansuk


Her concept of artwork is inspired from nature. Before becoming a full time artist, she worked as a sustainable architect. Ever since Supmanee earned a Master of Architecture from Thammasat University, she has been interested in air quality.

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