Paint the light (Blue)

32,000 ฿

Design (Concept / Design Thinking / Value)

We aim to create innovative sustainable lighting designs using

recycled waste plastic materials. Utilizing Ango unique handcrafted

techniques, we can create pieces with infinite possibilities in form and function.”



Creativity begins with embracing our unique strengths and building upon them. By considering customer needs and thinking outside the box, we create innovative, free-form, authentic, and unexpected designs. These concepts culminate in ‘Paint the Light,’ which focuses on fresh, new forms that blend authenticity with artistic style.


Socially Responsible

We create ‘Paint the Light’ to inspire designers and society to recognize the infinite possibilities in design by converting waste materials into valuable and functional art pieces. We aim to initiate a social movement where the next generation continues to innovate. This approach not only mitigates waste from production processes but also contributes to sustainable design.


Sustainable Development Goals

We aim to enhance environmental sustainability. We will continue to experiment and seek new innovations that blend sustainable technology with craftsmanship in more creative and unique ways.


BCG Model

Ango’s design philosophy aligns with the principles of the circular economy, aiming to maximize the value of resources by utilizing waste materials from the industrial production process, sourced from SCGP. This approach allows us to enhance our designs with distinctiveness and creativity.Our production process adheres to green economy principles, emphasizing efficient management to prevent waste generation and pollution. Consequently, Ango employs low-energy, handcrafted production methods and primarily uses LED lighting, contributing to environmental preservation.

Technique: Weave

Material: Stainless Steel, Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) Base

Size:  H : 790 mm x W : 660 mm x D : 660 mm

Artist: Angus Hutcheson and Ango’s designer team

Year: 2024